Miles Morales Cosplay Revealed

As he battles crime in Harlem, Miles Morales wears a suit that looks quite different from the red-and-blue costume of Peter Parker. Rather than form-fitting spandex, the teen hero’s new suit is loose and almost like a tracksuit. The look, which was unveiled by Marvel Comics this summer as part of the “Spider-Verse” event, was designed by Chase Conley, who has worked on Spider-Man cartoons for years.

After he’s bitten by a radioactive spider in Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, Miles inherits his hero’s powers and decides to become Spider-Man. He’s guided by a mentor, Peter Parker, who helps him to embrace his new abilities and save the city.

In Insomniac’s game, players can unlock a variety of suits for Miles Morales by completing a variety of side missions and events. One of the newest suits is gold, which Miles earned after defeating an invading militia. The suit also features a backpack, which is a nod to the character’s Brooklyn upbringing and his uncle’s antihero persona.

In addition to the gold suit, the teen superhero can also sport a black and red version and a pink one with blue and white webs, as well as his debut yellow outfit. Miles’ black and red outfit is arguably his most iconic costume, though. The design is so popular that a Redditor created a spot-on replica of the hero’s uniform, including his puff paint webbing. The work took several hours, but the end result is amazing. Miles morales Cosplay

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