Inspirational Jewelry

Aspirational jewelry carries with it a message of encouragement or motivation for the wearer. Whether the piece is meant to help inspire the wearer to move toward a goal of abundance, health or love, it can remind them that they can achieve their dreams if they are willing to put in the work.

These pieces aren’t just for women — they make great thoughtful gifts for moms, best friends and anyone else who could use a little positive nudge in their life. They can also be used to celebrate milestones in a loved one’s life like graduation, birthday or retirement.

Inspirational jewelry often has words engraved, stamped or included with the piece. Some even have symbolic meanings with ancient history or spiritual belief systems like talismans, Egyptian wisdom or Jewish tradition. The idea is to give the wearer a key that unlocks a special power in their lives – perhaps self-fulfillment, abundance, mental balance or happiness.

Other pieces simply have an affirmation, word or phrase engraved on them. This can be a simple “believe,” “love” or “be brave” engraved on a pendant necklace or a ring. The goal is to remind the wearer of their goals or aspirations throughout the day – and to keep them close to heart (or on their finger or knuckle, depending on the piece).

Crystals are another popular item in this category as they’re thought to have healing properties and boost energy levels. LVL Collective’s line of crystal-inspired jewelry includes this Tiger’s Eye necklace that is said to promote balance, strength and willpower. motivational jewelry

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